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So I noticed this while making that gifset thingy last night.

Here’s Pascal, just chilling and admiring his friend’s new do.

Then he sees Flynn’s reaction and is all of a sudden all like ‘AWWWW YIS I ARE SHIPPING YOU TWO SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!!’


There are between five and six hundred arts, crafts, professions and skills contributed by Disneyland employees during Park operation.




"It’s for the lost princess."

Holy Mother of HD

^what they said lol

I never noticed her irises were copy-and-pasted


Disney Studios ✨ #disney #california #itallstartedwithamouse




Hello guys!! This is my first tumblr awards and I am very excited about this and the rules are as followed! :)


  • Must be a DISNEY blog, yes you can post other stuff, but generally a Disney blog
  • Must be following, the admin, me, of course (I will check with all the nominees)

Additional information about the awards:

  • I will be taking reblogs, and also I am gonna allow inboxes to my account here with your nominee, please do not spam me with nominees.
  • You will be allowed 1 reblog and if you wanna nominate anyone you would wish, inbox me and I will put them in the ballot.
  • Up to 5 inbox messages per person, per entry. In addition to this, you may ONLY nominate 5 blogs, can include your own as well.


  • Best Overall
  • Best Theme
  • Best URL
  • Best icon
  • Best sidebar
  • Best non disney/disney blog
  • Best edits
  • Best gifs
  • Best blogger

Winners will get:

  • Each winner will get a link on my blog with the category they won under for a WEEK only a week.
  • You will gain definitely gain followers
  • You will get a follow from me if I am not following you already and that equals a chance to be in my follower forever, which I am gonna do at the end of the year
  • So you will gain gain gain! :)

This is a mixture of the Disney blog awards that were held last year, into this year. Where my followers can choose their favorite blog and send them to my inbox and that will go towards their total. This is also gonna be a personal tumblr awards, where I will also go through the nominees and the people that reblog this and put them into the ballot.

I will allow a week for all the nominees to be put together and I will have a poll as a link on my blog whenever I am ready to post it. Good luck to everyone!!!!!! (If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to inbox me) :)

Update, I have barely gotten any nominations, via inbox and I am still taking them. I urge you, I urge everyone. Please PLEASE take time out, anon or not, go on my blog and inbox me your favorite Disney blog, if it is me, of course it won’t count. I am also losing notes on this post and it is pretty sad.

I am gonna make the ballot and message the nominees in 3 days, so this WEDNESDAY APRIL 16th… Will be the deadline. Keep in mind the rules above! Thank you! :)

Inbox is here!

Tomorrow the nominees will be picked! So reblog or inbox me your nominees! And then tomorrow I will go through my inbox and the notes on the post and pick up to 6 nominees for each category! :) Keep reblogging guys and keep sending in messages!!! :)

There are no limits to nominees all day today spam my inbox with all your favorite disney blogs you want to be in my awards!!! :)


Princess Anna’s Concepcional Art

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